20 Amazing and Interesting Things That You Should Post on Instagram

1. Add some variety to your content with timely posts and newsjacks.

When you newsjack, you take an issue from the headlines and twist it to fit your industry. You might, for example, link to a news piece about craft bloggers and put your own twist if you produce online courses that teach people how to do crafts.

In terms of viewership, timely and newsworthy postings won’t endure long, but they’re perfect for buy instagram followers fast-paced feeds. You can also benefit from the news story’s searchability. Just remember to exercise caution when employing this strategy. Don’t, for example, use a tragedy to promote your brand.

2. Incorporate a Sense of Humor

If you have a sense of humour, make the most of it. Humor works well on Instagram, particularly if it can be demonstrated graphically. A hilarious photo or video can be shared hundreds or even thousands of times on social media.

Always keep in mind that humor should be suitable. If your target audience is mostly conservative women, for example, you don’t want to make an offensive joke about women’s rights. That would only serve to alienate your audience and tarnish your brand’s image.

3. Admit When Something Doesn’t Work

When you’re looking for Instagram content, own up to your failures. Tell a story of something that didn’t work out for you, whether it cost you thousands of money or simply disappointed you.

Others can learn from your mistakes just as much as they can from your triumphs. You also bring transparency and honesty to your brand image when you’re willing to admit to a circumstance that didn’t go as planned.

4. Disseminate Insightful Illustrations

To share illustrations, you don’t have to be an artist. Draw something intriguing on a napkin, photograph it, then share it on Instagram. Because people can relate to hand-drawn graphics, they get a lot of shares and reposts.

5. Begin a joint-campaign

Are you having trouble coming up with ideas to post on Instagram? Join forces with another person. Begin a collaborative effort with another Knowledge Commerce expert or an influencer whose work is relevant to your sector. You can combine your audiences, potentially increasing your visibility.

6. Participate in content marketing

Don’t forget to post your content on Instagram once you’ve finished it. You want it to acquire as much attention as possible, and Instagram provides a new audience-building platform.

7. Don’t Forget to Promote Your Product

Your digital products may be useful as Instagram content. Use imagery relating to your Knowledge Commerce business as the backdrop for your Instagram post, then highlight one or two of the most compelling benefits that customers can gain from purchasing that product in the description.

You don’t want to put your audience to sleep. At a time, choose only one product and one or two benefits. Examine the reasons why individuals should buy that goods and how it may improve their life.

8. Demonstrate How Your Products Work

In an Instagram post, you can also demonstrate the qualities of your products. If you teach people how to play the piano, for example, include a video of one of your clients performing a section of a piece. If you teach spirituality, have your students submit images that have spiritual significance for them.

This is also an excellent method for attracting user-generated material. When someone takes the effort to develop an image or video that is related to your business, it indicates that they value your products highly. It also sends out social signals to others that you’re someone who makes high-quality stuff.

9. Discuss Upcoming Events

Are you planning on attending an event soon? Have you recently returned from an event? Make a post on Instagram about it! In the internet world, it’s simple to interact with your fans, but you may also remind them that you exist in real life.

Not only that, but advertising events can increase your visibility. People looking for that event on Instagram can come across your post and decide to follow you because you share similar interests. Furthermore, the event’s hosts or organizers may repost whatever you write in order to promote the event, resulting in even greater exposure.

10. Distribute Interesting Videos

It’s important to remember that Instagram isn’t simply for photos. Because videos are so entertaining, they’re frequently shared and seen more.

Share videos you’ve found on the internet or made yourself. If you’re camera-shy, don’t worry. You don’t have to be in the video; a screencast or an audio clip can work just as well as filming stunning scenery.

11. Create a few of hyperlapse videos

Instagram is only getting started with hyperlapse videos. They allow you to use your smartphone to produce timelapse videos. Use this feature to create more intriguing material and to demonstrate something that takes longer than an Instagram video.

12. Use Animated GIFs to Make a Statement

GIFs that are animated can be just as interesting as videos. They also have the advantage of being amusing. If you wish to join in a meme, add your own text, or just let the GIF speak for itself. Fill in the blanks with your own unique comments in the caption.

13. Organize giveaways and contests

Contests and freebies are very effective on Instagram. People enjoy winning free items, and those who don’t win may decide to purchase your digital products after seeing how much publicity they’ve produced.

Knowledge Commerce is unique in that it eliminates the need for inventory management. It costs you nothing to give out free access to your online course. You also save time by not having to package it, ship it, or track its delivery.

Giveaways and competitions are both excellent strategies to promote user-generated content. In your entry postings, ask your followers to mention your brand or a branded hashtag. You’ll get more exposure for your digital products, as well as more interest in them.

Mosaics are a great way to add visual interest to a room.

Mosaics are posts that blend numerous photographs into one. They’re usually more fascinating than single images, and you can utilize them to tell a story with them. Create a caption that encapsulates the tale you’re telling with the photographs.

14. Share Your Employees’ Posts

It’s great to repost from your customers’ accounts, but don’t forget about your staff. Because they’re a part of your business, share their Instagram posts to enhance their visibility and demonstrate that you’re on the same page in terms of creativity and understanding.

You’ll not only earn more Instagram followers, but you’ll also show your staff that you care about them. A strong team can make the difference between success and failure for your brand.

15. Explain how others can contact you in other places.

You most likely use other social media platforms in addition to Instagram. Perhaps you’re also on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. Let your followers know so they can follow you on other social media channels.

Remember to include links to your Kajabi sales sites, landing pages, and blogs. Do this in separate posts.

16. Promote a different social media account

Cross-posting, on the other hand, can typically cut your social media time in half. Just because someone follows you on Instagram doesn’t mean they follow your Twitter feed as well. Post the identical material on Twitter and Instagram to make the post work twice as hard.

Just be sure to adjust your caption, image, and other aspects to fit the media. Because Twitter posts must be kept brief, you might wish to beef up your Instagram captions.

17. Relive a Memorable Moment

I’m sure you’ve heard of Throwback Thursday (#tbt). It’s a social media hashtag that encourages users to share vintage photos on Thursdays. You may, of course, have Throwback Monday if you wish; simply share an older photograph whenever the mood strikes.

Consider connecting it to your company in some way. If you offer online music lessons, for example, you could include a snapshot of yourself performing at your first piano performance.

18. Make a Recommendation

When you’re at a loss for what to post on Instagram, suggest something to your followers. It could be software, a book you think people will enjoy, a terrific restaurant in your city, or something else else.

19. Host a Hashtag Battle

Who doesn’t enjoy inventing new hashtags? Hold a contest to find your company’s finest branded hashtag. The winner receives a fantastic prize, such as a free month of membership site access or free admission to your mini-course.

20. Make a Public Announcement That You’re Hiring

Perhaps you’re ready to expand your horizons. Make it clear to your audience that your Knowledge Commerce company is hiring and accepting applications.

Make a point of mentioning the specific opportunities that are available to new applicants. You can also mention any applicant prerequisites so that you don’t get resumes from people who don’t have the required qualifications.

You can also request that your followers share the post with their social media networks. Perhaps one of your followers isn’t seeking for work right now, but one of his or her friends would be ideal for the job.

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Instagram is unquestionably one of the most effective platforms for reaching out to your audience in unique and engaging ways. Users who check their accounts on their phones and tablets are given priority on the mobile-first platform, which adds another depth to the culture.

Professionals in the field of knowledge commerce can use Instagram to humanize their companies. E-commerce companies and lifestyle gurus aren’t the only ones who can benefit.

You’ve built your company on the knowledge you’ve acquired. Find fresh approaches to help others understand the concepts or skills you teach them rather than sticking to the old techniques of imparting knowledge.