All Of The Cancelled TV Shows That We Are Sad About

We’re glad you’re here, the TV graveyard. Here we are listing the most noteworthy casualties from the 2021 season.

Here’s the latest rundown.

Peaky Blinders – six seasons

The BBC’s crime drama revolves around the Shelby family and is ending with its upcoming sixth-season, despite earlier talk of a 7th instalment.

Creator Steven Knight stated in January that cast and crew were back on the set following a long delay caused by COVID. He also delivered the big news.

He did however say that it’s not the end. ” Peaky has returned with a bang. The COVID pandemic has caused an enforced delay in production, putting the family in grave danger.

“We are confident that this series will be one of the most memorable and loved by our fans. The Cancelled TV Series will end but the story will not.

Season six would air in 2021, but it is possible that season 6 will air in 2022.

Killing Eve – Four seasons

In March, it was confirmed that the final season of killing Eve would be the last.

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” Killing Evehas was one of my greatest experiences, and I look forward for diving back into Eve’s remarkable mind soon,” stated Sandra Oh (via Variety).

Jodie Comer said: ” Killing Eve was the most extraordinary journey, and one that will always be remembered.” She said that her last hurrah would be one to “remember”.

The Hollywood Reporter’s sources claim that the decision to end the series was creative and not related to the contract Phoebe Waller Bridge, executive producer, signed with Amazon in 2019.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – eight seasons

It has been confirmed that NBC’s cop procedural Brooklyn Nine will be ended with season 8.

“When Mike Schur first pitched the pilot episode [to star] Andy [Samberg], [he] said, “I’m in but I think that the only way to tell the story is over exactly 53 episodes’, which was insane because that was exactly what Mike and I had imagined,” Dan Goor, executive producer, stated in a statement.

“I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented cast and crew over eight seasons. They are not only some of the best people in the industry, but they are also all great human beings who have become a part of our family.”

Terry Crews (Terry Jeffords wrote “I’m sad that it will end, yet happy to have been a part of something special.”

tweeted Melissa Fumero (Amy Santiago): “It’s been one of the most joys and honors of my life to be able to play Amy. It is a great honor to share a victory lap alongside our beloved cast and crew. We love all of our fans. We still have one season to shoot, so no need to weep.

It aired on Fox for five seasons before being cancelled. But NBC brought it back.

Season 8 will be available on American screens in August. Season 7 is now available on Netflix for UK and Irish viewers.

Holby City – 23 Seasons

It is shocking news that Holby city is nearing its end.

The BBC released a statement saying that Holby City is a proud show, but that it was also incredibly sad to announce that the show will be ending in March next year.

“We have to sometimes make difficult decisions in order to make space for new opportunities. As part of the BBC’s commitment to making more programmes across the UK we have made the difficult decision to end the show in order to reshape BBC’s drama slate to better represent, represent, and serve all areas of the country.”

We explore all the reasons for its removal .

Ellen DeGeneres Show, 19 Seasons

The last episode of The Ellen DeGeneres show will air in the USA in spring 2022.

After allegations that people had been involved in a toxic culture behind-the scenes , the US daytime talkshow was thrust into the limelight.

DeGeneres said that the controversy didn’t force her to make this decision. She had only renewed the show for three more years in 2019.

She said, The Hollywood Reporter, “When you are a creative person you need to constantly be challenged – and even though this show is great and as entertaining as it is, it’s just too difficult.”

“The truth is that I have always trusted my instincts. It was time.

The Ellen DeGeneres show is broadcast on NBC in America and ITV2 UK.

American Gods – Three Seasons

Talking to , Neil Gaiman, creator of said that if we don’t get season four, it would be the most frustrating, upsetting, and maddening place any season could end in.

Evidently, Amazon executives didn’t watch American Gods as they were too excited to end season 3. It’s not all bad news. Deadline reported that there are two options for tying up loose ends: an event series and a feature-length movie.

The show’s viewership started to drop, and many felt that the series was losing quality. Budget overspend was another issue.

Y: The Last Men, one season

FX on Hulu has cancelled the post-apocalyptic series based on Brian K Vaughan’ comic series of the name. This was much to the dismay and surprise of showrunner Eliza Clark.

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The Hollywood Reporter stated thatthe decision wasn’t based on viewing statistics, as they are usually the culprit. FX had to pay more for contract extensions due to a change in the showrunner, extensive cast changes, and additional delays caused by the pandemic.

Clark stated in the above tweet that there is always a chance that the series will find a new home.

Jupiter’s Legacy – One Season

Netflix’s superhero show Jupiter’s Legacy focuses on the Sampson family. They are the first super-powered people to be born in the 1930s. The series has ended after one season.

It wasn’t the success the company hoped it would be. The reviews, which varied from mildly negative to highly critical, prove that.

Mark Millar, the creator of the Supercrooks comic series is currently working on a live action adaptation. Let’s hope he has more success with that.

Pose – Three seasons

It’s now three seasons out for FX’s . This series is about 1980s New York ball culture during the AIDS epidemic.

Ryan Murphy, co-creator of the film, stated that it was difficult but that it has been an amazing journey.

Steven Canals, the co-creator of the show, had previously stated The Hollywood Reporter that he envisioned it running for five chapters. It could be a six-season. It could be. You could say more. It’s important that all of us feel that we have told the story we wanted to tell. We’ll know when it’s over once we reach that point.

Canals spoke about the reasons he wanted the show to be made. So I created the pilot draft that was the “younger me” needed.

” Pose was created as a love letter for the underground NY ballroom scene, my loved New York, my queer and trans families, and to myself. Together with my amazing collaborators, I never intended to change the TV landscape.

“I just wanted to tell an honest tale about love, family resilience and love. It is a great honor to have been able to do that for three seasons.

Pose can be streamed on BBC iPlayer or Netflix in the UK.

Kim’s Convenience – five seasons

CBC’s Kim’s Convenience is a Canadian sitcom that follows the lives of the Kims (a Korean Canadian family that runs a Toronto suit-all-your needs store). It was originally renewed for seasons 5 and 6. The latter was removed from the schedule while a spinoff called Strays (which centers around Nicole Power’s Shannon) is in the works.

Later, it was revealed that things were not as they seemed. Cast members Simu Liu, Jean Yoon, and others discussed the lack of representation at the writers’ room . This isn’t a new.

On Twitter, the producers revealed that Ins Choi (who wrote the play on which it is based) and Kevin White “were moving onto other projects”.

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Manifest – Four seasons

NBC’s supernatural drama Manifest charts the fallout of a group plane passengers miraculously reappearing after disappearing into thin air five years ago. It was originally bowing out with Season Three.

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It’s because of declining ratings. The average viewership for the first season was 6.5 million. Season three saw a significantly lower average of 3.1 million.

Netflix will now take the show up for one last hurrah, after it received a boost on the platform.

Additional 20 episodes are available for fans.

“Hypertext0_Manifest was very popular since its June premiere on Netflix,” stated Bela Bajaria (via ). “[Creator] Jeff Rake has created a captivating mystery that keeps viewers all over the globe on the edge and believing in second chances. We’re delighted that they will offer fans closure with this last super-sized season.

Cursed – One Season

Netflix’s Cursed was the reimagining of King Arthur’s story. It was canceled by the streaming service after one season.

Both viewers and critics were muted in their reactions, suggesting that there wasn’t much to be proud of.

One season of The Irregulars

After just one episode, YA Sherlock Holmes drama the Irregulars has been canned by Netflix.

Although the streamer did not explain why the show was cancelled, it is clear that the show did not perform as well as they would have liked. Netflix has suggested that financial strain caused by the pandemic and other cancellations in the past could have contributed to the show’s decline.

Birds of a Feather – 12 seasons

A source told Radio Times that “there are not current plans for a series” of ITV’s sitcom Birds of a Feather. The show revolves around the squabbling sisters Sharon and Tracey (Linda Robson) and their neighbor Dorien (Lesley Joseph).

Fans might not be surprised after Quirke’s departure from the 30th anniversary special in 2019 and last Christmas special. There has been talk of a rival feud between Quirke, Robson.

Robson, however, called those rumours “codswallop”. (via The Sun). She also told people to “take not notice” of the fallout.

She said that Pauline had made the decision not to participate in Birds of A Feathe r. She wants to focus on her acting academy.

Good Girls – Four seasons

The NBC comedy-drama Good Girls is about three friends who get involved in a life full of crime to boost their bank accounts. It made it to season 4 before it was canceled.

The ratings for the series were declining. Season two had a viewer average of 2.3 million viewers, while season four saw a drop to 1.5 million.

According to Deadline, the network and studio had been looking to bring the series back for one final season to “close the story”, but were unable to do so financially. Universal Television won’t be bringing it to market so it is really the end of the road Good Girls.

The Twilight Zone – Two seasons

For a third season, Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone reboot won’t be returning.

Monkeypaw & Genre Films was the production company behind it.

“We treasured the chance to work with so many talented actors, writers, and crew members. We have now told 20 stories. CBS All Access was understanding and gracious.

“It was an honor and a privilege for me to present audiences a modern reimagining Rod Serling’s iconic creation.”

Jurnee Smollett, Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead), Ginnifer Greatwin (Once Upon a Time), and Kumail Nanjiani (“The Big Sick”) were just a few of the cast members.

The series aired in the UK on Sky One and Syfy.

The Circle – Three series

Channel 4 has announced that it will no longer air reality series The Circle hosted by Emma Willis. In this reality series, contestants are limited to communicating via social media platforms. They can either play as themselves or catfish other competitors.

“HT0_ The Circle is a big hit with young audiences and has consistently outperformed slot averages over three seasons on Channel 4,” said the broadcaster to Digital Spy.

“In much the exact same way that we originally commissioned The Circle Channel 4 has a responsibility for continually looking at how we reinvent ourselves and create space for innovative ideas. We have therefore decided not to commission the fourth season.”

However, the US version of The Circle US streams on Netflix. Channel 4 stated that a UK edition could also stream on Netflix.

Grand Army – One Season

Netflix’s Grand Army won’t be getting another season. The drama about teen drama follows students at a fictional Brooklyn high school with the same name. It tackles everything, from class to race to sexual assault.

Although the streaming giant is careful about viewing numbers, it is clear that the show was not attracting enough viewers.

One season of The Duchess

Katherine Ryan’s the Duchess is a comedy in which a single mother in London decides to have another child.

Vicky Pattison spoke on Vicky Pattison’s the Secret To… podcast. She said that “Netflix didn’t want any more, because not enough people watched.” It was watched by 10 million people in just 28 days, and that’s not enough.

“But, it’s not something I am terribly sad about. It’s hard work and takes a lot of time to create a sitcom. It was a great experience and I am so thankful that I was able to do it. But, I believe it speaks for itself. It was a good ending.

Zoey’s Extraordinary playlist, two seasons

It has two seasons and is out for musical comedy-drama Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, in which Jane Levy’s Zoey Carle listens to people’s deepest thoughts as songs.

Although its streaming and delayed viewing figures were good, it suffered in the traditional ratings department which could have been a problem for advertisers with NBC. Money talks, as we all know.

However, its creator still holds out hope.

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Mix-ish – Two seasons

Mixed-ish will not be returning for the third installment of its prequel spin-off Black-ish.

Arica Himmel stars as Rainbow Johnson in this sitcom that was created in 1985. Rainbow is a young girl who discovers what it means to live biracial in the time and place she lives.

According to the second season was not a success in terms of ratings.

Truth Seekers – One Season

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, part-time paranormal investigators in the Cornetto Trilogy, were disappointed to hear that their Amazon comedy was being canned.

Frost said in an Instagram video that “Sadly, Truth Seekers won’t be returning for another season.” ” Truth Seekers was not renewed, which is a huge kick in the stomach for me.

“We put all our effort into this, our heart, soul, blood, in some cases. To not be able to come back is really disappointing for us. It is a shame. There were many wonderful ghost stories we could tell, stories that will not be told. Thank you for watching the show. If you didn’t like the show, please let me know.

Samson Kayo (Bloods), Malcolm McDowell(A Clockwork Orange), Susan Wokoma, Enola Holmes, Chewing gum, and Julian Barratt (“Bloods”, The Mighty Boosh”) also appeared with the pair.

Wynonna Earp, four seasons

It is the last hoorah for WynonnaEarp’s fourth Season, which aired on Syfy in the States starting March 3.

Melanie Scrofano plays the role of the titular demon hunter and wrote Twitter “I’m really proud over what we’ve done over these four seasons. I’m so excited to be able to watch the second part of season 4 together. There will be laughter and tears. Crop tops. Family.”

It sounds like we could get more stories from this universe in the future.

“It was an honor to tell Wynonna’s story and, along with Seven24 and Cineflix, we are hopeful that we can continue sharing their inspiring stories in the future,” stated showrunner Emily Andras via Entertainment Weekly.

WynonnaEarp is broadcast on 5Spike UK.

Year of the Rabbit – one season

Channel 4 announced after renewing Matt Berry’s Year of the Rabbit, that it had reversed its decision owing to the pandemic.

A spokesperson for C4 stated that while we are proud of this series of hilarious, fearless comedy shows, the impact of COVID has had a significant impact on our schedules. “We have decided not to continue with another series because of this,” she said.

Layla Smith, the chief executive officer of Objective Media Group producers, said they are working to find a new partner.

Berry plays the role of a London detective alongside his incompetent partner, played in period sitcom The Pursuit of Love, and Susan Wokoma is the country’s first female police detective.

Mom – eight seasons

After season eight, CBS’s sitcom Mum will be ending its run. It previously starred Anna Faris, a single mom and recovering alcoholic Christy Plunkett.

This is after Faris didn’t return for the last season.

Allison Janney, her former co-star, played Bonnie as her mother. She said that the actor and her character were ” very missed” and that they are both happy she is doing what it wants now. “We are just glad she is doing what her heart desires and that we can still tell these stories about these amazing women in recovery.

Mom was previously shown on ITV2 in the UK but was later dropped. The first four seasons can be purchased on Amazon.

Stop embarrassing Dad! One season

Netflix’s family sitcom Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Round two of the Jamie Foxx-starring sitcom will not see him back.

Netflix, as we mentioned, is very private when it comes to data. However, we can assume that the numbers were not anything to be proud of.

Foxx has two films with the platform in the works – They Cloned Tyrone, and Shift – so there’s plenty for him to do.

Two seasons of Prodigal Son

Fox’s serial killer drama Prodigal Son won’t be returning for a third time.

It featured Tom Payne ( The Walking Dead), as FBI profiler Malcolm Bright, Michael Sheen( Quiz), as Malcolm’s father, serial killer Martin Whitly, as well as Catherine Zeta Jones ( Feud : Bette and Joan), as a psychiatrist at a mental hospital.

“Wow. It was so gutting. “I didn’t see it coming,” Lou Diamond Phillips, who plays the role of Gil Arroyo (NYC police lieutenant), on twitter. “Might be taking some days away from #Prodigies.

“Just know that I have encountered the most amazing, entertaining, and brilliant fan base. Much Love. #GilArroyo #ProdigalSon.”