How To Increase Follower Count on Instagram

Instagram one of the most used social networks. It is visually appealing and accessible on the go. Learn how to use it.

These tips can help make the most of your social media experience so that you can grow your following and increase engagement.

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Send us interesting, colorful photos and videos

In order to get more engagement, Instagram is all in providing value for your followers. Your goal when you publish on Instagram is to evoke emotion. Photos with lots of color tend to attract the most attention.

To avoid abusive comments or messages, you can use limits and hidden words

You might find other users who are interested in causing abuse to your account as you grow. Limits uses different standards to limit the number of direct messages that you see. Instagram will, for example, hide comments and messages that are not from you or were just added to your account.

Hidden Words also allows you to tell it to filter certain words, phrases, or emojis from DM requests. Hidden Words will save any items it finds to a separate folder, which you can then review or delete as you please.

Shoutouts: Have fun

Interacting with current followers is a great idea. But, reaching out to more people is even better. It is very easy to reach more people by doing a shout-out, or a shoutout for shoutout (s4s), with another account that has the same number of followers. Two people agree to post a shoutout message on their respective accounts. This is the main method that Instagram users use in order to grow their accounts by the hundreds.

Stay current with the latest Instagram Trends

While shoutouts and hashtags are great, all trends eventually expire. It’s crucial to stay on top of the latest trends in Instagram if you want to be a successful social networker.

Feel free to use hashtags but keep them in check

Insta has many great hashtags that can be used to increase reach, engage more people, and even draw new followers. Some people take it too far. Some people overuse hashtags in their captions. Many of these hashtags are irrelevant to the post’s subject. You should limit the use of hashtags and use only relevant keywords.

Search & Explore Function is a great way to find new content

To see content curated for your interests, tap Search & Explore in the Instagram app’s top row. This content is based upon the type of post and videos you have liked or commented on. You can also find inspiration from the people you follow.

Browse this page, or use search to search for specific subjects, hashtags, users, and more.

Keep followers engaged by posting frequently

Keep your followers engaged by regularly posting new content. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should post 10 photos every day. You should post at least once a week, but not more than that, to keep your followers engaged. You won’t lose many followers if your posts go unpublished for too long.

Messenger is a great way to reach specific users

It’s good to post regularly to keep your followers interested, but it’s not always necessary. Instead, focus on a specific user by privately messaging them a message, photo or video. Instagram’s direct message functionality integrates with Facebook Messenger. This allows you to message a Facebook friend that isn’t already on Instagram.

To send or reply directly to a message with a photo, video or photo, tap the Camera icon. Next, take your photo/video and tap Send.

Filter Effects are not for everyone

Instagram has a lot of filters that you can use to enhance your photos. But this trend seems to be well-established. People desire photos and videos with natural colors, but that still look natural. Filter effects can be appealing, but limit their use to keep your photos’ contrast and color levels normal.

Post Stories

Stories is a shorter-term, more current piece of content that you can share with your followers. They can be in the form either of photos or videos. After 24 hours, they disappear. They appear at the top of your feed as circular bubbles that you tap. Stories allow you to share, connect and interact with your friends in a more casual manner.

Stories are now more integrated with other social media. If you’re on Twitter and find a tweet you like, you can easily add it to your story. Tap the tweet. Next, tap the share button and choose Instagram Story. The tweet will appear in your Instagram story. (This feature is only currently available on iOS.

Engage with Your Followers

Do not ignore loyal followers who comment and like your photos. It’s a sure way to drive people away. Instead, let your followers know that you value them. Respond to their comments and even like a few photos from their account. You can also use a third-party tool, Iconosquare (formerly Statigram), to track Instagram Comments and see who is interacting the most with you.

Instagram also added the ability for users to hide likes in May 2021. To do this, open a post, tap the more icon and then tap Hide like Count.